Wednesday, July 28, 2010

1:12 AM me: i was hoping you'd say tomorrow
  im tird
1:13 AM Yishu: oh, then let's do it tomorrow
  no rush
 me: do you have like
 Yishu: should we plan what we're going to say first though
 me: things in mind
 Yishu: i feel stressed
 me: haha yes
 Yishu: yeah, no.
 me: he says to talk about ry OR tao
  so like
  keep on topic
  and all will be good
 Yishu: hm
 me: remember to link back to the question
 Yishu: do we do it seriously or what
 me: 'link back to the question'
1:14 AM huh seriously
  what would that entail idgi
 Yishu: idk
  or do we have to try to be like, 'humorous'
  or 'zany'
 me: guess not
  'act natural' i think
 Yishu: now??
 me: k wait ah
  using the following as reference: internet, official site, HTMLGIANT review/coverage of this blog post, Alt Report, Fishkind review, author description, Justin Taylor, [anything], [coverage "generated" by this blog post, listed above].
  have you read like, some of this
 Yishu: damn
  must do research all
  k let me prepare first
  let's do it tomorrow then
1:16 AM me: eh no la
  i was so ready
  we can just talk about sfaa i think
  good thing weve read his stuff
  mm and cbt
 Yishu: hm
 me: talk about falling asleep via e e e
 Yishu: feel scared
 me: .
  stop that
 Yishu: of tao judging me
  what stop that
 me: same
 Yishu: how to stop
  i also want to stop
1:17 AM me: you can do this shupes you have to believe in yourself
Yishu: what the
1:18 AM no, let's do it tomorrow
 me: sian
 Yishu: k
 me: have you read any richard yates
 Yishu: naw
 me: as in the real yates
1:19 AM Yishu: no
1:20 AM Yishu: you called eve's blog godspot
 me: was that in an sms
  heheh i liked it too
 Yishu: good job, honestly
1:22 AM me: thanks
  idk how we are going to talk about ry
  without knowing about about ry
 Yishu: we can talk about how we don't know ry, i guess
  i don't think it cares
  it might add to the plot
  it matters*
1:23 AM me: ok
  srs its just 500 lines bro
 me: and we can add some of this shit
  building suspense
 Yishu: hm
 me: hi zhou yishu
  let's talk about Richard Yates
 Yishu: am i allowed to use like, singaporean colloquialism in here, or would he not get it
  cos i want to say 'sian'
1:25 AM me: yes you can, there were some danish people writing like i have no idea what and he accepted it
  guess you have to explain 'sian' then
  hi tao, 'sian' is a regional interpretation of ennui
 Yishu: k cool, but how to explain
  i feel like he is here, beside us
 me: he is
1:26 AM Yishu: feel intimidated
 me: omg there was this dude in my class called tao yi
  he was 'chen tao yi'
 Yishu: is this all going into the official 500 lines
 me: i just thought 'chen tao lin'
  ok richard yates, bro
 Yishu: but your tao yi was irrelevant
 me: we don't know anything about it really
 Yishu: sorry
 me: i know theres dakota fanning and that haley joel osment or something
  joel haley osment
  osment haley joel
1:27 AM Yishu: some dude i guess
  discuss the significance of naming in the novel richard yates by tao lin
 me: i just googled him i hate this dude :/ i thought it was the anakin from the star wars where he lost his legs to obi wan
 Yishu: isn't anakin ewan
 me: tao talked about this in the rumpus comment question thing
1:28 AM bro, gregor was obi wan
  or cockroach
 Yishu: oh dude
  oh i know who he is npw
  his face swimmed to the surface of my memory
1:29 AM me: he has a cute face
 Yishu: he kind of looks like hannah montana's brother from hannah montana but let's not go there
 Yishu: ok, i feel like the use of celebrity names is somewhat ironic
1:30 AM me: yes let's not go there it has nothing to do with ry, stay on topic bro
  ironic how
 Yishu: because, when reading about the characters with names such as these
  you will have preconceived notions of the characters what, somewhat
1:31 AM me: can you not write like you are writing to eka, you're writing totally unchill'dly bro
  mm yes, 'method', effect?
 Yishu: i couldn't help it
1:32 AM naming, is that it
 me: hahaha are you taking this from a wss lecture
  mm i'm reading his answer hold on
1:34 AM i guess tao being tao the 'main reason' for naming ry like so is because he feels some strange affinity to richard yates
 Yishu: or maybe he has something to prove
1:35 AM me: and then there's the meta-ness that tao loves, in his sarcastic worldview re everything
 Yishu: i feel like there is always, like, a cultural reference
 me: but even this?
 Yishu: first in sfaa and now this
  yes what, he says himself that people who like richard yates would be interested in his book
1:37 AM me: i think like second to his love for yatesie it's what you said: like it comes with preconceived notions about it, like presenting an image, 'ice mountain', 'something zany', it forces upon you whatever notions/ideas/feelings you have associated with it
  yes that's the 'marketing' part i guess
  i like to think that tao is still a more than not authentic person
1:38 AM Yishu: that's like reader-response theory
  via my IS
 me: oh god
 Yishu: sorry
 me: 'jesus'
1:40 AM me: adding on to earlier: that richard yates / dakta fanning / amappy are all um, in flux in this 'rapidly changing society' makes them different from the ice mountain and shit which stay more or less the same throughout culture and time

1:41 AM Yishu: where is the ice mountain bit coming from
1:42 AM me: it's a generic image
  ok am i not making sense we can forget this
  talk more, bro, 500 lines
1:43 AM Yishu: i am looking at the other entries and feeling intimidated
  the judging eyes of the internet
 me: seriously? i thought we were doing pretty well
1:44 AM Yishu: srs
 me: can we talk about how everyone's saying it's insanely emotional
 Yishu: maybe i just have low self esteem
  is it
 me: / makes them feel insanely emotional
  i think you do
1:45 AM yes, did you feel insanely emotional, or even emotional while reading sfaa
 Yishu: i feel like, i am going to feel more detached from the characters because of their names
  than i might if they had normal names
  because it is so deliberately relevant, that you no longer feel like you are reading about real people
1:46 AM but i don't know if that was what tao was aiming for
 me: yeah
  'out of this world'
  dont think anyone knows what tao is aiming for
 Yishu: we should ask him
  'is this really what you want;
 me: hi what are you aiming for tao
 Yishu: 'is this really what you want'
1:47 AM me: is this really what you want
 Yishu: there was a guy at the bss concert who looked like jesus
 me: [echo]
 Yishu: this is relevant right
 me: aoki
  oh you should tell him
 Yishu: aoki looks nothing like jesus wtf
 me: hi tao yishu just came back from a broken social scene concert
  what if he hates bss omg
 Yishu: it was rad
 me: dude, the hair?
 Yishu: it's still rad
1:48 AM me: aoki's hair???
 Yishu: jesus doesn't have pin straight hair
 me: bro you don't know jesus like i do
 Yishu: oh
 me: is this relevent
 Yishu: hm
 me: since tao has a jesus-band
 Yishu: let's just keep going
 me: where are we going
 Yishu: tao when are you going to release your ep
1:49 AM me: yeah, damn, i hope he has another contest for free eps
  like sing 500 lines
  sorry was that a bad joke
 Yishu: it wasnt a joke i think
  i am unimpressed
1:50 AM me: sian
  we can just talk about tao now i guess
  he says we can shit on him
  / shit talk him / something
 Yishu: i would never do that
 me: i can't even get my shit out
  via bowel problems
 Yishu: bro
1:51 AM me: yes
 Yishu: this is going on the internet bro
 me: thats ok
  ok tao
  is tao a real person
  or a persona
 Yishu: i tend to think of him as a persona
  or like, an 'entity'
 me: there's like no way he's like this irl right?
  he goes to like parties and shit
  the fuck is an 'entity' man
1:52 AM Yishu: like, a thing
1:53 AM me: feel like we're all like striving, to survive and shit, all for nothing via meaninglessness, and tao's persona is his effort to recognise that but at the same time counter that. i guess no one is really that self conscious in real life that would be crazy. or they would be institutionalised
1:54 AM *by shit i mean 'stuff' not 'poop'
 Yishu: hahahahahahahhaha
1:55 AM me: 258 lines bro, gotta do better than that
1:56 AM Yishu: damn
  this is tough shit
 me: try harder
  just think of things and write
  you dont have to like engage me or anything
1:57 AM Yishu: but i don't have anything to say
  let's talk about sfaa
 me: will that be relevent though
  if he rejects this we'll just have another convo ok
 Yishu: um, think so
1:58 AM me: k sfaa, sup
 Yishu: i guess
 me: did you see his thing on gawker
  like recently, today was it or yesterday
 Yishu: i feel like i didn't really like sfaa until i read like the last sentence of it
  and it all made sense
 me: the trespassing in nyu's lib
  what was the last sentence
 Yishu: i skimmed through it
  somebody asked sam what he wanted to be when he was a kid
 me: i kind of don't have it, some bitch is holding on to it not reading it
 Yishu: and sam said marine biologist
1:59 AM me: oh
  mm and?
 Yishu: because
  sam is not a marine biologist
 me: so it can be taken that he's failed
  shit has changed
  big time
 Yishu: and wanting to be a marine biologist when you are a kid is like the norm, or like the ideal
  and yeah, i don't know, i thought it was sad
 me: or is supposedly good
 Yishu: and it was also real
2:00 AM me: yes
 Yishu: i wanted to be a mermaid
 me: feel like we will all be like that
  except we dont have dreams well i dont
 Yishu: but it didn't work out
 me: you were set up for failure
 Yishu: i didn't know that
 me: at least you got to be another magical creature
  tao, yishu is a goblin not kidding
 Yishu: fuck u
2:01 AM me: :/
 Yishu: yes
 me: what
 Yishu: tao, luke calls :/ this face the taoface
 me: no, the taoface is :|
  seriously shupes get your shit together
 Yishu: tao, we wanted to do your face for our school's yearbook photo but we didn't in the end
  fuck u
 me: because i fell asleep
 Yishu: i'm trying
2:02 AM me: they made us lie on the floor and i fell asleep
 Yishu: that's great
 me: yishu smiled. fucker
 Yishu: smiling is normal
 me: can we get back to tao i dont think he cares ARE WE REALLY GONNA put all this on his omg
  feel afraid
 Yishu: sry
 me: ok
2:03 AM Yishu: am 'chickening out'
 me: what?
  talk about tao, bro
 Yishu: taobro
 me: ok back to sfaa
 Yishu: yes well
 me: that thing with the sony earphones was in sfaa too right?
 Yishu: what was the point of reading the whole of sfaa if i didn't enjoy 80% of it
2:04 AM even though when i finished it i felt positively about it
 me: i thought all the shoplifting was made up. but apparently not via the gawker article
 Yishu: but it took kind of long for me to like it
 me: enjoyment is overrated i think
  i honestly feel completely neutral towards sfaa
  i like the cover though
 Yishu: yes he steals damn a lot of shit what
 me: and the weight and length and size of the book
2:05 AM Yishu: he is banned from wholefoods or somehting i think
 me: but i thought i read somewher he never got caught
 Yishu: i didn't like the size
  it was too small
 me: maybe not amappy
  small is good
  re books
 Yishu: lol
 me: what, so you like your gigantic kant tomes
  are they even tomes though, or just essays
 Yishu: no but i like larger books
2:06 AM nicer to hold
 me: heavier also
 Yishu: i finished reading no exit today in about 40 minutes
 me: idk well my bag is kind of a4 sized
  are we going to talk about this now
 Yishu: no, it's not relevant
  just sayin'
 me: talk about it in relation to tao / ry / sfaa
  / cbt
2:07 AM my mom's been going for some cbt course i think
 Yishu: yeah i read your blog
 me: sbt feels hopeful
 Yishu: that's kind of
 me: oh damn
 Yishu: scary
 me: cbt*
  the mom?
 Yishu: yeah
 me: why
  she wants to like counsel people at church i think
  she's a church person she does shit at church
2:08 AM Yishu: oh
  so it's not for her
  that's fine
 me: hahaha no la
 Yishu: cbt is fine when it is not for you
 me: 'fine'

are you judging my mom
 Yishu: no
 me: huh. i think i need some cbt
  we all need some cbt
 Yishu: i'm just saying
 me: since everything is shit
 Yishu: cbt
  sounds very clinical
2:09 AM me: it is
 Yishu: i think therapy is a terrible word
  to say out loud, and the meaning
 me: terrible how
 Yishu: even though it is kind of the friend or root word of therapeutic right
2:10 AM dk, it just sounds strange to me and reminds me of the scene in donnie darko where donnie is hypnotized and he says weird shit
 me: HAHA what the fuck bro
  there was like, something sexual there right
2:11 AM in that hypnosis thing
 Yishu: he wanted to masturbate
  then the lady snapped him out of his trance before he could
2:12 AM me: did you like donnie darko, i thought it was weird and not very well done
  'lame' too i guess
2:13 AM Yishu: what
2:14 AM cos they are all relevant lines maybe
  we need to be like that
 Yishu: we need to be 'on task'
  tao we are asians
  we are 'on task' people
 me: we are
  how ah
  are we done
2:15 AM Yishu: is this really what you want
  realising only now the massive potential of that song
 me: hahahahaha
  massive potential should be a band
  like massive attack
  but metal
 Yishu: yeah right
  i was thinking that
 me: they would sing about (scream about) action potential in neurons
 Yishu: no, why metal
2:16 AM fuck u
 me: because metal sucks
 Yishu: i have no idea what neurons are
 me: what the fuck?
 Yishu: ok la
  i do
 me: your brain is made of neurons i think
 Yishu: yes
 me: faggot
 Yishu: that's the extent of my knowledge on neurons
 me: no actually your brain is made of shit
  hm :/
 Yishu: that was a low blow
  i felt nothing
2:17 AM me: that was a good one
 Yishu: im kind of really tied
  how many lines are we now
 me: me too
2:18 AM 446 if we take everything
  say a bit more about tao and his stuff? i think we've done more than any of those other people tbh
  we're crazy
 Yishu: lets keep going for a bit more
 me: crazy asians
  where are we going
  are we going on a journey
 Yishu: yes
2:19 AM me: sian
 Yishu: no, we're stuck here
  my head hurts
 me: must be all the bss
 Yishu: let's talk about his unableham
  and his metaham
 me: oh mg
 Yishu: is that relevant
 me: tao i love your unableham
  yes continue
 Yishu: i do too
  i felt a strong connection towards it
 me: yishu says our lit teacher is turning us all into unablehams
2:20 AM Yishu: i smiled at it knowingly
  it is true
2:21 AM tao lin just tweeted: email from mom said 'angry and irritating facial expression' & '[her dog] tried to play with [a pig], but that pig was not interested'
2:22 AM me: today dragonman gave us a passage excerpt from proof it was the scene right after catherine revealed that she wrote the proof but this scene was earlier in time, when hal brought his dissertation or whatever over to robert and near the end of the scene 'catherine and hal have a moment' or something like that then 'hal wavers', and me being unableham thought of how this could like 'parallel' how later in the story hal 'wavers' again by not believing catherine
  hahaha pigs are funny
2:23 AM Yishu: i can't remember anything about proof now
  bad lit student
 me: you are like crippleham
 Yishu: tao do a cripple ham next
 me: cripplehams are crippled by existential despair
2:24 AM they have sadness ratings of over 50% which means they are non-functional
 Yishu: i can imagine the ham now
  with a little tear
2:25 AM me: no, double tear :"(
 Yishu: thats mine
 me: or it could be your face
  on a ham
 Yishu: damn
 me: are we done
 Yishu: are we
 me: 490
  but we won't even use everything right
2:26 AM how
 Yishu: i dont think he is going to count
  we can play cheat or something
 me: dont know man
  how will we do that
 Yishu: just submit what we have
  he isn't going to read it all
 me: oh mm when you copy it over to your blog my long long lines will become more lines
 Yishu: i hope he reads the bit about the crippleham though
 me: hahaha
  we will bold it

2:30 AM Yishu: psh
  ok bro i am really tire
  need to study
 me: fuck
  thats true
 Yishu: i mean, sleep now, study tomorrow
 me: its 230
  god damn
  good night
  fucking tao
 Yishu: night
  put that in
 me: yeah

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